Automated Functionality Tester

Interface/functionality testing of your website without any of the pain.

Save the pain of manually performing interface/functionality tests on multiple browsers with MultiBrowser's Automated Functionality Tester. Record and playback tests just like capturing video on your phone camera - it's as simple as that.

  • Easy Test Authoring

    Easy Test Authoring

    Create functionality tests by simply browsing your web site in the Test Recorders – no programming experience needed.

  • Test Playback

    Test Playback

    Play your recorded tests on multiple browsers and view the test results any time and in one go.

  • Code-crafted tests

    Code-crafted Tests

    Prefer coding your tests? Craft them with the MultiBrowser Test API and still enjoy the convenience of test players.

  • Mobile & Tablet Support

    Mobile & Tablet Support

    Cover mobile and tablet platforms in your web site tests with the Mobile and Tablet Recorders.

Standalone Desktop Web Browsers

Real web browsers. Real testing. No (real) mess.

No emulators, no shimmied user agents, no VMs – MultiBrowser's standalone browsers are the real deal in cross-browser testing. Each standalone browser is encapsulated within a single isolated executable, helping you avoid test lab setup headaches and focus on actual testing.

  • Standalone Browsers

    Standalone Browsers

    Each browser is virtualized into a single exe, enabling you to run multiple web browsers side by side locally on a single PC.

  • On-the-fly Browsers

    On-the-fly Browsers

    Download and run the browsers you want locally, no installation required.

  • Browser Launcher

    Browser Launcher

    Launch your desired URL in multiple standalone or installed browsers in one go with the Browser Launcher.

  • Legacy Browsers

    Legacy Browsers

    Run different versions of each browser simultaneously including IE 6 - 11, Chrome 18+ and Firefox 3.6+.

Mobile Browser Emulators

Cross-device, cross-browser testing on a single computer.

Reduce the need for elaborate device testing labs with MultiBrowser's mobile browser emulators. Be it an iPhone, iPad, Android, perform your mobile browser tests from the comfort of one workstation - yours.

  • Accurate Emulation

    Accurate Emulation

    Perform proper tests with full support for media queries, device orientation, pixel densities and more.

  • Developer Tools

    Developer Tools

    Move on beyond testing to debugging with full-feature Developer Tools, the same as those you've come to love in Google Chrome.

  • Network & Geolocation Simulators

    Network & Geolocation Simulators

    Take your mobile tests further with the ability to simulate network conditions (offline/3G/4G/etc.) and geolocation.

  • Custom Devices

    Custom Devices

    Need to cover a new device? Simply add it to your custom devices and test right away.

Screenshot Tester

Capture more than just screenshots. Capture the difference.

Screenshots are a traditional method of cross-browser testing, and MultiBrowser takes it one step further with integrated screenshot comparison tools. No more manual combing through screenshots, just focus on what you need and we'll handle the rest.

  • MultiBrowserCloud


    Leverage a configurable screen resolutions and a wider selection of browsers, including those on Mac OS X, with the MultiBrowserCloud.

  • Local Screenshot Tests

    Local Screenshot Tests

    Generate full-page screenshots securely using standalone browsers in your local environment.

  • Animated Overlays & Onion Skins

    Animated Overlays & Onion Skins

    Assess differences visually with onion skin and animated overlay screenshots comparisons.

  • Quick Screenshot Comparisons

    Quick Screenshot Comparisons

    Debug your site in mobile (iPhone and Android) and tablet (iPad) emulators replete with developer tools.

Responsive Site Previewer

Multi-platform site previews in one click.

Still changing screen resolution settings to test your responsive web designs (RWD)? Get MultiBrowser now and test as many platforms as you want, including custom devices, in one go with the Responsive Site Previewer.

  • Responsive Web Design Testing

    Responsive Web Design Testing

    Preview your web site across multiple devices and resolutions from iPhones to desktop computers in a single click.

  • Custom Devices

    Custom Devices

    Stay equipped for new platforms with the ability to add custom devices to your tests.

Visual Studio Integration

Power and convenience in one package.

  • Testing at Your Fingertips

    Testing at Your Fingertips

    Leverage MultiBrowser features from the Browser Launcher to Page Performance Analyzer right from within Visual Studio 2012/2013.

  • Debugger Integration

    Debugger Integration

    Attach Visual Studio’s debugger to MultiBrowser for enhanced productivity.

Ready for a new cross-browser testing experience?